Rapidpia™ Analyzer

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For In-Vitro
Diagnostic Use

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A robust single test compact analyzer with A4 size footprint, that can determine quantitative results in approximately 10 – 15 mins.
Test menu: PCT, BNP, D-Dimer, H-FABP.
Product Specifications
Dimensions & Weight205 mm(W) x 275 mm(D) x 96 mm(H), Approx. 1.4 kg
SystemDiscrete single line random access multi-test analysis
Detection MethodReflect Light Intensity
Input Power SourceAC 100-240V(50/60Hz) 0.4A
Display8-digit LCD
LanguageJapanese, English
PrinterHeat Transfer Printing
External Connectivity PortsUSB, RS232-C
Operation Temperature Range15 – 30℃
Operation Relative Humidity70% or less (without condensation)
  • Designated Test Cartridge
  • Buit-In Printer for Quick Report
  • No Pretreatment of Sample (Whole Blood or Plasma)
  • Short measurement time of 10-15 mins (varies by item)
  • Simple operation and easy to use
Sold separately
Rapidpia QC Device1 unit
Rapidpia Barcode Reader1 unit
Rapidpia RS232-C Cable1 unit
Rapidpia USB Cable1 unit
Rapidpia Printer Paper10 rolls

Rapidpia system requires dedicated test cartridge “Rapidchip™”.


  • Includes 20 test devices / kit with 1 CAL card
  • No sample pretreatment required
  • Rapid measurement time and easy operation
Product SpecificationsRapidchip™ PCTRapidchip ™ BNPRapidchip™ D-DimerRapidchip™H-FABP
MarkerProcalcitoninBrain Natriuretic PeptideFibrin Degradation ProductHeart-type Fatty Acid-binding Protein
Clinical SignificanceDifferential diagnosis and severity determination of bacterial sepsisEarly diagnosis of Acute Myocardial InfarctionIndication of presence of thrombusDiagnosis of heart failure and indication of severity
Measurement Range0.2 – 10 ng/mL10 – 800 pg/mL0.2-15 ug/mL2.0 – 160 ng/mL
Measurement TimeApprox. 10 minApprox. 15 minApprox. 10 minApprox. 10 min
Sample typePlasma or whole blood
(EDTA-2Na・EDTA-2K・ heparinized)
Plasma or whole blood
Plasma or whole blood
(citrated, heparinized)
Plasma or whole blood
(EDTA-2Na・EDTA-2K・ heparinized)
Assay methodImmunochromatography
Sample Volume120 μL
Packaging20Test Devices and 1 calibration card
Storage2-10℃, 12 months from date of manufacture