Rapidpia™ Analyzer

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For In-Vitro
Diagnostic Use

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A robust single test compact analyzer with A4 size footprint, that can determine quantitative results in approximately 10 – 15 mins.
Test menu: PCT, BNP, D-Dimer, H-FABP.
Product Specifications
Dimensions & Weight 205 mm(W) x 275 mm(D) x 96 mm(H), Approx. 1.4 kg
System Discrete single line random access multi-test analysis
Detection Method Reflect Light Intensity
Input Power Source AC 100-240V(50/60Hz) 0.4A
Display 8-digit LCD
Language Japanese, English
Printer Heat Transfer Printing
External Connectivity Ports USB, RS232-C
Operation Temperature Range 15 – 30℃
Operation Relative Humidity 70% or less (without condensation)
  • Designated Test Cartridge
  • Buit-In Printer for Quick Report
  • No Pretreatment of Sample (Whole Blood or Plasma)
  • Short measurement time of 10-15 mins (varies by item)
  • Simple operation and easy to use
Sold separately
Rapidpia QC Device 1 unit
Rapidpia Barcode Reader 1 unit
Rapidpia RS232-C Cable 1 unit
Rapidpia USB Cable 1 unit
Rapidpia Printer Paper 10 rolls

Rapidpia system requires dedicated test cartridge “Rapidchip™”.


  • Includes 20 test devices / kit with 1 CAL card
  • No sample pretreatment required
  • Rapid measurement time and easy operation
Product Specifications Rapidchip™ PCT Rapidchip ™ BNP Rapidchip™ D-Dimer Rapidchip™H-FABP
Marker Procalcitonin Brain Natriuretic Peptide Fibrin Degradation Product Heart-type Fatty Acid-binding Protein
Clinical Significance Differential diagnosis and severity determination of bacterial sepsis Early diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction Indication of presence of thrombus Diagnosis of heart failure and indication of severity
Measurement Range 0.2 – 10 ng/mL 10 – 800 pg/mL 0.2-15 ug/mL 2.0 – 160 ng/mL
Measurement Time Approx. 10 min Approx. 15 min Approx. 10 min Approx. 10 min
Sample type Plasma or whole blood
(EDTA-2Na・EDTA-2K・ heparinized)
Plasma or whole blood
Plasma or whole blood
(citrated, heparinized)
Plasma or whole blood
(EDTA-2Na・EDTA-2K・ heparinized)
Assay method Immunochromatography
Sample Volume 120 μL
Packaging 20Test Devices and 1 calibration card
Storage 2-10℃, 12 months from date of manufacture