Supplier: Sekisui Diagnostics

For more than 40 years, Sekisui Diagnostics has been providing high-quality, cost-effective enzymes and biochemicals to diagnostic reagent & biosensor manufacturers and research labs around the world. With the expertise in microbial fermentation and protein purification, Sekisui Diagnostics delivers enzymes and specialty biochemicals which help their customers:

  • Improve assay sensitivity and specificity
  • Increase test performance
  • Prevent interference in diagnostic tests
  • Increase cost-effectiveness

Sekisui Diagnostics offers a range of high quality materials for a variety of applications, including pharmaceutical production (antibiotic inactivating enzymes), enzymes for biosensors, clinical chemistry reagents, urine strips, and continuous glucose monitoring devices, Immunoassay materials such as Streptavidin and Alkaline Phosphatase, and Molecular PCR Enzymes.

To find out more information about these products, please visit www.sekisuidiagnostics.com.

To make an inquiry, please contact Veredus Laboratories, Sekisui Diagnostics’ sales agent for Enzymes in Asia, at info@vereduslabs.com .



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