Hemoglobin Analyzer (RC-W)


For In-Vitro
Diagnostic Use

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Hemogloblin Analyzer
HPLC System (HbA1c & HbF/A2)

Compact Size
Space-saving compact design; small footprint the size of a piece of A4 printer paper.

Easy to Use
Routine sample analysis is as simple as setting the sample and pressing the start button. HbA1c calibration and control materials are automatically diluted by the instrument.

High Precision
HbA1c: C.V.% < 2%; HbF·HbA2 : C.V.% < 5%

High Accuracy
HbA1c: ±5%; HbF·HbA2 : ±10% of the expected value.


Hemoglobin analyzer RC-W
Measurement Principle High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
Measurement Wavelength 415 nm / 660 nm (Dual-wavelength colorimetry)
Sample Type Human Whole blood (Capillary OR Venous blood specimens*1)
Required Sample Volume Approximately 3μL (whole blood)
Storage Memory Measurement results: max. 4000
Quality control results: max. 50
Operator ID: max. 10
External Output USB(A) port X 2 (for barcode reader, USB memory)
RC-232C port (male 9-pin D-sub)
Dimensions 194 mm (W) x 375 mm(D) x 364 mm (H)
Weight Approximately 11 kg
Power Supply Analyzer AC Adapter
DC 24 V AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Current Consumption (Analyzer) Maximum 1.9 A
Power Consumption (Analyzer) Maximum 52 VA
AC adapter Input Current Maximum 1.5 A
Output Current Maximum 4.2 A
Operating Environment Temperature: 15 – 30°C, Humidity: 20 – 80% RH (no condensation)
Storage Conditions Temperature: -20 – 50°C, Humidity: 20 – 80% RH (no condensation)